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    If you too want to deploy Windows 7 to enjoy these advantages, it important to learn about the tools that are useful in this process. For this OS installation, you basically need Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010. WAIK is also a set of documentation which is created to guide users. It helps them with the three different types of environments to be used for deployment. These environments are network, media and server. This tool works best in case of low volume system.<a href=></a>

    But if you deploy Windows 7 from server, you need to access both WAIK and MDT. More or less the steps are similar. But when you download the Windows Deployment Server (WDS), the obtained image is sent to the central location to enable client access. However, client can access it only if it is started with Pre-Boot Execution Environment (PXE). The client machine receives a menu containing list of images. It has to select one of them to kick-start installation.,